Novecento 2.0 is a project dedicated to musicians who have made an important contribution to the history of the twentieth century, but have been given little space in the concert halls and feature only infrequently in today’s piano repertoires. Ilaria Baldaccini’s research began in the Tuscan region, with the recording of Intorno a Firenze nel secondo ‘900 (Around Florence region in the second half of the 1900’s), published by EMA Vinci Records and included in the SIAE-Classics of Today 2017 project, with music by four Tuscan authors who worked in Florence for much of their life and who for a long time attended the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory, as professors or as students: Carlo Prosperi, Piero Luigi Zangelmi, Gaetano Giani Luporini and Giuseppe Bonamici.

The project arises from an important artistic heritage that Baldacccini received from Maestro Giovanni Carmassi, who was her piano instructor at Cherubini and who introduced her to this type of repertoire.  Carmassi was, in turn, the student of Prosperi and Zangelmi, as well as intimate friend of Bonamici. Many of their compositions, which he premiered,  were dedicated to him.

Novecento 2.0 includes the intense research that Baldaccini carried out on the piano music of Claudio Josè Boncompagni, Italian-Argentine musician and student of Carlo Prosperi and Gaetano Giani Luporini, cited above. Between 2016 and the present day, Baldaccini dedicated many concerts to him and will be publishing a monograph for him in 2019, together with the singer Monica Benvenuti for EMA Vinci Records.




This project won the competition for the commission of cultured contemporaneous music, launched by SIAE-Classics of today (2018/2019 ed.).

The project’s protagonist is the nocturne form for piano. Historical compositions, including those less frequently performed, will be presented alongside nocturnes by various contemporary musicians, including Mauro Montalbetti (winning composer along with Baldaccini for the above-mentioned competition), Fabrizio De Rossi Re, and Carlo Galante.