Ilaria Baldaccini is an Italian pianist recognized for her original and refined interpretations. She studied at the Conservatories of Lucca and Firenze, earning the Laurea in piano and in harpsichord with the maximum of votes and with honours. She studied piano with M° Maria Gloria Belli and M° Giovanni Carmassi, and harpsichord with M° Annaberta Conti and M° Gordon Murray, with whom she studied at the Vienna University of Music and Representative Arts.

For years she has performed an intense concert career, primarily as a solo pianist. She has exhibited in some of the world’s most important musical centers in cities such as Rome, Vienna, Belgrade, Sapporo, and Tokyo. More recently she has focused on interpretations of 20th century and contemporary music repertoires.

In 2017 she published two recordings for EMA Vinci Records, the first dedicated to Tuscan composers of the second half of the 1900’s (Carlo Prosperi, Piero Luigi Zangelmi, Gaetano Giani Luporini, Giuseppe Bonamici). This was cited by La Repubblica as one of the most interesting recordings of recent times. The second, a monographic disk dedicated to Erik Satie, has also enjoyed considerable critical acclaim.

Her recordings have been heard on many eminent radio stations in Italy and abroad, including RAI Radio Tre, Radio Svizzera Italiana, and Radio Classica.