ILARIA BALDACCINI is an Italian pianist, recognized by the critics as an original and refined interpreter. Her performances and recordings have been reviewed by newspapers such as (to mention just a few) ‘il giornale della musica’, ‘La Repubblica’ and ‘il Manifesto’. They have been presented and broadcast by stations such as RAI Radio 3, Radio Classica, Radio Svizzera Italiana and Rete Toscana Classica.

For years involved in intense performance activity, mainly as a soloist, she has performed in some of the most important musical centers, in cities such as Florence, Rome, Vienna, Belgrade, Sapporo, Tokyo.

Two CDs were published by EMA Vinci Records in 2017: a monograph on Erik Satie and a disk dedicated to composers from the Tuscan area during ​​the second half of the twentieth century. This recording, which was included in the SIAE-Classici di Oggi collection, contains music by Carlo Prosperi, Piero Luigi Zangelmi, Gaetano Giani Luporini and Giuseppe Bonamici.

The CD of composers from the Tuscan area inaugurates her interpretative research on the repertoire of historic twentieth century and contemporary music. In 2019 she contacted the Scientific-Literary G. P. Vieusseux Research Center of Florence to perform and disseminate unpublished scores by Carlo Prosperi, kept in the Prosperi Collection of the “A. Bonsanti” Contemporary Archive, and to prepare a new performance, almost 45 years after the world premiere of Prosperi’s ‘Rainbow Concert’ (il Concerto dell’Arcobaleno) for piano, marimba and orchestra. The unreleased pieces and the concert were both scheduled for the autumn of 2019 in two events organized by the G.A.M.O. – which included these in its fortieth year of artistic activity – in collaboration with the G.P. Vieusseux Research Center, the International Lyceum Club in Florence and the ‘Filharmonie’ Orchestra.

Two of Carlo Prosperi’s unpublished pieces, kindly loaned by the Maestro’s daughter Giuliana Prosperi, were published by EMA Vinci Records in a piano anthology released for SIAE-Classici di Oggi in the autumn of 2019, together with six album pieces by Piero Luigi Zangelmi.

The year 2019 also saw the release, again by EMA Records and for SIAE-Classici di oggi, of a monograph on Claudio Josè Boncompagni, containing pieces for solo piano and for piano and voice, which Baldaccini performs together with Monica Benvenuti.

Since 2019 Baldaccini has been collaborating with the composers Daniele Venturi, Carlo Galante, Fabrizio De Rossi Re and Mauro Montalbetti. With Montalbetti she was the winner of the latest SIAE-Classici di oggi for the 2018 commission of contemporary cultural music. She collaborates with many other contemporary composers, also thanks to the lively and fruitful relationship with CLUSTER Association of Composers in Lucca. In this city she began her studies at the ‘L. Boccherini Music Institute’ in the class of Maria Gloria Belli, continuing at the Conservatory of Florence, where she studied harpsichord with Annaberta Conti and piano with Giovanni Carmassi. She graduated in both instruments with top marks and honors. She also studied at the Vienna University of Music and Representative Arts, in the harpsichord class of Maestro Gordon Murray. She graduated in the Literary Studies from the University of Florence.